Wednesday, December 4, 2013


pictures by itscohen

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Heyho guys! What kind of bag do you take with you when you go hunting for the perfect christmas gifts for your beloved ones? I am that kind of person that can't really cope with small bags. If I go out at night it's fine to have a small and cute clutch bag, but for work - nope. My big shopper bag must come with me, filled with my agenda, food, beauty stuff, water bottle, more food, i pod ..... ;-) So if I would go shopping I would grab one of the Stylight tote bags just to have more space, but recently I got contacted by Lotte Voss who was going to solve my problem (she didn't even know that I had it though). Anyway, Lotte Voss is a super cute online store with cute garments and BIG shopper bags. Lucky me, I had the chance to get one. I chose the black one as black goes with everything and it looked huge on the picture - perfect for my christmas shopping trip! If you know someone who is really into big shopper bags I can only recommend this one! I think it can handle looads of presents (or just daily stuff) and I don't think it will be broken that quickly as it has really stable cord handles and the material is really nice too (I am trustworthy as a former fashion school student :) ) I will totally use it on the next free weekend I got for going shopping. Have you got everything yet? I know it's only the fourth but I want my presents to be done within the next week because I like to have them in advance and then just relax and enjoy the christmas time with candles, a good book and cooookies (btw, if someone fancies to send me christmas cookies - go ahead!).

Lovely Rebecca and I took the pictures today - I was in the mood for pink and pastel and all those girly garments. Light pink pullover paired with my baby pink beanie and a checked scarf? Yes! I totally love this scarf and I love to combine it with this black and white coat as it's so much fun to mix different pattern. I knew when I woke up this morning that I had to wear something a bit lighter than in the last few days - I was just in a really good mood. At lunch time the sun came out in fancy Munich and I was so happy! Now there is still snow missing in Munich but I got the feeling that it's going to be here soon .. :-)

shoes - H&M
pants - Zara
pullover - Zara
scarf - H&M
beanie - no name
bag - c/o 
coat - Ullmann Fashion

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