Friday, December 6, 2013


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COLOR TALK I have never really liked green on me. I always thought green would not go with blonde hair and my really light skin color. I just love when people with dark hair and a darker skin tone wear something green! But then I saw this really nice coat at Asos last year and although it was available in blue and red, I wanted green. But this was the only green garment I had, until I got myself this furry green beanie a few weeks ago. It's just perfect as it's super warm and comfy and looks like a dwarf beanie - I love it! I hope it goes well with my hair when it's blonde again - it actually is quite light, what do you think? Anyway, I will slowly adapt green into my wardrobe as I love it and it's such a christmassy color!

Sooo, it's Friday - yay! I wore this outfit today at work and I must admit that I struggle a bit with pairing those brown boots. I love them to death because they are SO SO nice and incredible comfy and probably the most expensive shoes I have ever bought for myself, but still, I don't really know how to combine them. I have never been a friend of pairing black and brown but this is what I did today as everything in beige didn't correspond to my mood. So I tried a total black look with the boots and the green beanie and I like it. I'm not a 100% satisfied to be honest, but I will keep on searching for the perfect look with these boots! I am now off to go out with the girls as it's lovely Rebecca's birthday - yay! Have a great great weekend everybody! xx

boots - CCC
dress & jacket - Zara
coat - Asos
beanie - H&M
bag - nussbag

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