Friday, December 20, 2013


pictures by  itscohen

FRIDAY! I tried to get into Christmas mood this week that's why I wore my sparkling skirt with a thick knitted pullover. It didn't really work out. I still can't believe that Christmas is on Tuesday, I think it's just because I was always busy at the end of November and obviously this month as well, that I just didn't notice it and had no time to get into the right mood. I will try tonight by watching a lovely Christmas movie and make some hot chocolate.

I love today's outfit as it is really cosy but still fashionable. I was not sure about pairing the sparkling skirt with a different grey knitted pullover and another different grey fake fur jacket but in the end I like it a lot! I mixed lots of different textiles in this one which I think is quite interesting. Anyway, there's not much to say, I am still at work, this week has been incredibly busy  and now I even have to say goodbye to Kavita because she's leaving Stylight .. aww .. but it's not the end of our friendship, we will totally stay in touch as we kind of got the best friends ever during our internship at Stylight.

have a great Friday evening! xx

boots - H&M
skirt - H&M
pullover - Zara
bag - Gaudí
scarf - H&M
fake fur - Mango


  1. You look fabulous! The mix if texture is amazing. I'm not really in the Christmas mood yet either x

    1. thanks girl :) and merry christmas!! x


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