Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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HELLO KITTY To be super honest, I've always been a little bit obsessed with leopard patterned garments. For example, I really wanted one of the leopard blouses from H&M for their spring / summer collection this year but I wasn't sure about how to combine it. So I didn't take it and instead, bought leopard patterned flats for summer, which are a lot easier to combine. I don't know why I've been a bit scared of wearing a full animal print outfit, but I am still more into animal printed shoes or accessories or a great statement coat. I would love to have an animal printed coat by the way. Anyway, I got these super duper incredible comfy leopard patterned boots from this german website similar to ebay (but still different) called Kleiderkreisel. People sell their garments, swap them or just give them to other people to make them happy (which I think is really cool). And now I am really happy with my statement boots and who knows, maybe I will find a nice animal printed coat on Kleiderkreisel as well? Concerning the outfit - I wanted to focus on the shoes that's why I wore an all black look with my beige cape as it has the same color as some parts of the shoes. What do you think?

Soo, what is going on right now. Work has been super busy these past few days and I can't wait for the holiday season to begin. I got sick again and I think I just need a few days to rest and stay away from the computer, but we all need that don't we? While it's not christmas yet I need to rest on the weekend which means loooads of hot chocolate and taking a long long bath. This is the last weekend Kavita will be in town so we might go out and have a nice and fancy dinner as well. It's really weird that she's leaving Stylight next week because that means even my internship is half way over (cra-zay how time passes by). Happy Wednesday!


  1. I sooo like camel and leopard and you wear it well <3
    New post+christmas giveaway

  2. Danke für Deine süßen Kommentare! Hihi da bin ich ja neidisch auf Deine süßen Kleinen Füßlein :-)
    Richtig coole Bilder sind das, ich hab mich sofort in das Cape verliebt und die Leo Stiefeletten sind der Hammer!

    Liebste Grüße aus Nürnberg


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