Monday, December 9, 2013


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START OVER Oh my .. this was a quite intense weekend - glad it's over now. As you all know if you follow my social media (@carmen_wo) I was working like crazy on the coat for my brother in law. It's his birthday on Friday and my sister is going to surprise him with a classy trenchcoat made by me. So my last two weeks consisted of sewing and working and sewing and working. I am so happy now that I've finished it - it's 11pm and I am just sewing the last buttons on the coat .. aah :-) When I sew something, I get really excited at the beginning, seeing how all those pieces get together and become one garment is just amazing, but then I get a bit lazy in between if somethings not working the way I planned it (this time I struggled with the collar and the back-slit) but in the end, when I do the lining and the inside-pockets, I get really motivated and I want to make the best out of it ;-) I will ask my sister to take a proper picture of the coat when he is actually wearing it, and then I will show you my latest lackofcolor - design piece ;-) If you wanna see it now, without ironing it yet - just have a look on instagram! 

Now, let's talk about todays outfit - I can only say, Isabel Marant you did a great job on those sweatpants! I was one of the crazy girls who ordered something from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection in November - to be honest, I didn't really intend to do so, I just wanted to check the online shop - seriously. But then I saw these pants and I fell in love. I got them from the children's department which is always a bit cheaper and fits perfectly as I am such a petite person. Anyway, I wanted to combine them really casual and cool - white turtleneck, fake fur jacket and beanie. I loooove this combination! It's really edgy but the fake fur adds a bit of glamour which the pants really need and the boots make everything look rough again. It was such a comfy outfit but still fashionable and I literally could wear it all the time! I hope you all had a great weekend - I am so ready to start into a new week where I will hopefully find time to relax and do christmas present shopping! 


boots - H&M
sweatpants - Isabel Marant for H&M
turtleneck - Zara
bag - Zara
beanie - no name
fake fur jacket - Mango

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