Monday, December 16, 2013


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WEATHER COMPLAINTS I wanted to post these pictures yesterday evening but I was busy having burgers with the girls here and a skype date with one of my girls from back home and my parents. I had such a nice weekend and I can't believe that in one week it's Christmas already. Seriously, there is no snow in Munich and it's not that cold either so I am just not in the mood to listen to Christmas songs and buy presents. The only Christmassy thing I do is eat all the cookies my roommate got from her mum and grandmum - but she's fine with sharing and I only eat the ones she doesn't like ;-) For me the first sign of snow is the first sign of Christmas. Even though the last time we actually had snow on Christmas eve is a long time ago, we had it the weeks before and of course, the weeks after. Anyway,I love how nice the weather in Munich is right now (it's sunny every single day but unfortunately too bright to take pictures) I would be happier to have some snow as well. But I don't wanna complain about the weather swings here in Germany because I'm sure I will complain in less than a month that it is super cold and that there is too much snow - oh well.

This is what I wore for yesterday's girls day. I wanted to wear something girly and more colorful as I just wore black, white and blue clothes in my previous outfit posts. I also wore this absolutely lovely headband from H&M bought ages ago and I almost forgot about it. It's a welcome change instead of always wearing beanies. I should definitely wear more headbands - challenge accepted! I hope you all had a nice weekend! xx

boots - c/o Peperosa via Parade Deutschland
skirt - Pimpkie
pullover - H&M
headband - H&M
bag - Gaudí
coat - Ullmann Fashion


  1. Very lovely, I love your headwear!!! Super super lovely!
    Anyway, wanna follow each other ? Just let me know ;)

    Visit mine:

  2. You look beautiful. I love the headband- I might join you in the task and wear mine more.

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