Wednesday, December 18, 2013


pictures by itscohen

EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT from my grandma - this incredible fake fur jacket! I loooooove it! It is a bit shiny and it's actually grey but when it's bright and sunny outside it has this nice purple effect. Ahh .. what more can I say? Who would not fall in love with it? I took size 8 uk or 10 us because I wanted it to be oversized and suuuper comfy. I paired it with my current favorites, this white turtleneck pullover from Zara which makes every look a classy chic one and my overknee boots from Forever21. And because I just can't stand not having something on my head I wore a beanie on top. As always =)

Sooo, it's Wednesday already. I can't wait for this week to be finally over. It's pretty stressful at work but moreover I am looking forward to seeing the boy on the weekend and going home for Christmas next week - yay! Haven't seen my sisters and parents in aaages which makes the whole "coming home for christmas" - thing much more exciting. What are you guys up to this weekend? And please don't wonder about the name of todays article - Kavita introduced me to the Throwback music list on Spotify and I am currently going crazy after Usher, Kelly Rowland and Nelly, OutKast and all the other cool guys that where totally on the rage about ten years ago.. awww ;-) xx

boots - Forever21
turtleneck - Zara
bag - H&M
fake fur coat - New Yorker
gloves - H&M


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