Saturday, December 28, 2013


HEADBAND 2.0 Hey guys - welcome back. Okay, it's not the new year yet, but I've been absent on the blog for a few days. Usually I miss blogging after two or three days, but this time I was just busy with visiting relatives and spending time with my family, that's why I didn't even think about taking pictures of what I wore and telling you weird stories about what I do ;-) Sorry for that, but we all need a break and rest and I had mine and now I am back and happy to blog again. Also, what else is there to do on a Saturday evening? =) So here are a few shots I took with one of my sisters today - I hope you all had an amazing christmas, lots of good food and nice talks with your families and friends. 

So this is what I wore today - I went shopping with my sister - I was actually on a hunt for shoes but couldn't find any that I absolutely "needed". Instead I got myself another book. Recently I am really into reading, I told you, reading on the tube, on the way to the tube, on the way from the tube to the office, reading, reading, reading. I always liked to read books but never really had time to actually finish one as we had to read books for school in between and of course all the exams distracted me from reading a nice book. So while I don't study I thought about reading more than usual. Anyway, I wore this absolutely lovely camel coat from Sheinside today with a blue headband my mum made for me and this vintage handbag from my grandmum. I told you that I am challenging myself to wear more headbands - well, here's look number two! I love the bright blue color of the headband and this coat is absolutely amazing. If any of you are gossip girl fans, well this is one of the coats Blair is wearing in one of the shows. I ALWAYS wanted this coat as it has this really cool collar. First I wanted to sew exactly the same coat as soon as I saw her wearing it but then I found it on Sheinside and got crazy about it! Enjoy! xx

boots - H&M
bag - vintage
coat - Sheinside
headband - selfmade by my mum
gloves - H&M


  1. You look great, and a good book is the perfect second place to shoes :)

  2. thanks girl :) you are totally right!


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