Monday, December 30, 2013


Tomorrow is new years eve - are you all excited? I am really excited for 2014 as I have SO many things planned. Trips to destinations I've never been before, moving to another city and starting uni again and of course keeping the blog alive =) I am excited to hear about your plans! But let's talk about this tomorrow ;-) I had such a great time at my parents place, it felt really good to have a little holiday in between work. Today I had the best brunch ever with my girls from back home - we had lots to talk about and I am really happy that we could see each other again. Right now I am in Munich, I just came in about an hour ago that's why todays post is quite late and tomorrow morning I am heading to Berlin to celebrate new years eve with the boy =)

Today's outfit. I found my old pair of boyfriend jeans in my wardrobe at my parents place ... plus this awesome oversized striped blazer from Zara too. I bought it in summertime and totally forgot to share it with you. Stripes were all the rage this year so I thought I should do an outfit post with this blazer before 2014 starts and we have thousands of new trends ;-) I also thought about getting a new pair of boyfriend jeans as I would love to have ripped ones. Or maybe I should just rip those? Anyway, a quite casual outfit with a bit of color coming from my amazing nussbag and a hat. I haven't worn jeans in a while but I thought about wearing them more often. Maybe another challenge for 2014? We will see. Have a great Monday evening guys! xx

boots - Zara
boyfriend jeans - Only
pullover - H&M
hat - H&M
striped blazer - Zara
bag - Nussbag


  1. Awesome boots, your 2014 sounds like it's going to be fantastic :)

  2. thanks Jodie :) belated happy new year!


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