Thursday, November 14, 2013


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CATCHY TUNES Heyo! In case anyone is wondering about todays name of the article ... since I'm working in an office the whole whole day, I am constantly listening to music (that's why I hope to get awesome and super cool big earphones - if anyone fancies to get me some - go ahead :-) ) so yes, I am listening to music all the time and right now I've got "You and I" from Ingrid Michaelson on replay all the time ... and if you listen to the lyrics, they are quite cute ;-)  The song might be a bit weird when you listen to it the first time, but as always, after two times it gets a loooot better. Basically, this is what I do all the time with a song. If I am not sure about one, I listen to it as long as I either love it, or hate it till death. There's hardly any song I like from the first time I listened to it .. except of some the boy showed me .. 

Todays outfit. I thought about using my burgundy bag again since it was hidden in my wardrobe for a while because it has this size where I don't know if everything I need (or think to need) for a day at work (like food, agenda, make up ..... this is why I'm so bad with small bags - just don't know where to put my stuff) will fit in. BUT it worked out so I might use it more often =) I combined it with a simple white pullover, black pants and my fake fur jacket which is perfect for this time of the year as its not too cold outside right now. And of course, my heels. To be honest, when I got them, I couldn't really walk in them because they weren't that comfy but I was surprised as I wore them today and they are getting much more comfortable. I should probably wear them everyday from now on as they make me really tall!

Happy Thursday evening everybody! xx 

shoes - no name
pants - Vero Moda
pullover - H&M
fake fur jacket - Forever 21
scarf - H&M
bag - Gaudí

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