Thursday, November 21, 2013


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BRING OUT YOUR FAKE FUR It really got cold in the last few days / weeks, so it's time to bring out the fake fur jackets - yay!! I got this one in January at Mango Sale and I am so happy to have it, as it's really really warm and looks so good with skinny jeans! As a blue lover, I played with baby blue this time, to make it at least a bit different to my usual blue looks ;-) You might have seen this beanie already on instagram, I got it together with a baby pink one because I really think a nice beanie can add so much to a simple look + I just love beanies! This look is really easy, I just wore a grey tank top, blue jeans and black boots where the jacket is the eyecatcher! At the moment the weather is perfect for it, when it's real deep winter it might get too cold to even wear the fake fur .. that's when I get frustrated wearing my quilted jacket day after day .. but that's another story :)

So as you might know, I'm in Berlin right now, and I was at university today - whoop! When I was sitting in this class room with all the others I got really excited and totally wanted to study again. I never really believed it when somebody told me that when you work, you really want to go back to school / uni and study again as it's refreshing and kind of keeps you alive to study everytime, just praciting your brain. But now I know how it feels and I am really looking forward to study again :-) So far Berlin is nice as always, just being with my love and having some quality time together; we might shoot some outfits this weekend as well - not sure yet, but stay tuned, there are some projects coming and I am really excited to share this with you!!
have a great thursday evening guys!! xx from Berlin

pants - Zara
tank top - H&M
fake fur jacket - Mango
beanie - no name
clutch bag - Forever 21


  1. Absolutely love your blog, your style is amazing!xxx

  2. aawww thank you Meg for your sweet comment :-) xx

  3. Du stehst in meiner Straße! Haha. Untergiesing jihhaaa

    1. Haha, nein wirklich? Eine Freundin von mir hat dort bis vor kurzem auch noch gewohnt :-) xx


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