Tuesday, November 12, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com
IT'S FREEZIN Hey guys! Sorry for not posting anything in the last few days, I was a bit sick and I still don't feel 100% well but today I was in the mood to blog ;-) So here's a quick update of today's look. I look a bit pale because of my illness but hey, the outfit looks nice, right? Its a quite girly skirt but I fell in love when I saw it and I immediately knew how I wanted to combine it - simple! Black pullover, black tights, boots and coat and my beloved h&m conscious collection bag. What do you think? 

It's freaking cold right now in fancy Munich and I need to start layering, as one pullover and one pair of tights is not enough anymore ;-) I even read in the newspaper that it might snow tomorrow and I am so not ready for this. Whenever the first snow comes I am prepared with lots of tea, hot chocolate and super cool knitted socks by my grandmum, but this time I had no time to do anything. Although I like my work/internship I hate the fact that I'm leaving house in the morning and then coming home late in the evening where you can't do anything else.. I kind of miss the good old days where I was a student and had so much time for doing all the things that I love.. (I sound really weird saying "I miss the good old days") But honestly, how do people get used to this kind of routine? I need to find a solution for myself for this otherwise I will keep thinking I don't have any freetime. So the plan is, after yoga tonight (which I don't count as free time as its still in the office so I feel like I'm working ... in working out) I will just rest and read a good book - yes, I will do this and not fall asleep in the middle of reading .. oh man.

Have a nice evening guys! xx

shoes - Zara
skirt - Pimkie
pullover - H&M
bag - H&M conscious collection
coat - Ullmann Fashion


  1. Such a lovely simple look! The colour of your skirt is so lovely and that clutch is just beautiful! Omg and its soo freezing here in the UK too! Literally layering in the only way I survive! Aha omg I & feel the same way i'm in college now but want to go back to school cus literally I miss being done at 3:00 every day! aha Lovely blog hun following xo

    1. thank you babe :-) I love your blog, just checked it out, its amazin!

  2. You're beautiful !!!! :D

    Come see my blog if you want : www.lolapndiary.blogspot.fr
    And If you want we can follow each other here ? :)


  3. thanks Lola :-) I love your blog it's really cute!!


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