Wednesday, November 6, 2013


AN AFTERNOON IN BERLIN So I guess you've all been dying to see my new selfmade coat (or at least, I hope you all were a bit anxious about it)! As I told you, I've been thinking a lot about what to sew next and how my new coat should look like. I know that this season oversized boyfriend coats are all the rage, and I really thought about sewing one, BUT I wanted something simple that will stay in my wardrobe, like .. forever. Timeless I'd say. I literally combined everything I like when it comes to coats combined in this one - it has a belt, it has small details (leather), snap fasteners which you can't see, puffed sleeves with a sketchy cuff and a stand-up collar. Plus, it's grey, which is one of the nicest colors ever and can be combined with nearly everything! I chose grey, because first of all I don't have any coat or jacket in that color, and second, right now I am trying to get all those basic garments into my wardrobe. I feel like I need more basic stuff, like black and white t shirts, jeans that fit reeeally good and coats that look amazing and work with nearly everything. Thats why I've chosen to make a simple one in grey ;-)

So I started sewing on a Saturday and sewed like the whole weekend. I really wanted to finish the coat before going to Berlin as I wanted the boy to take pictures of it ;-) It worked out, but I think next time I'll work with more composure. The boy and I took those pictures in the streets of Berlin on Saturday. Unfortunately the weather was not that good for pictures, but I love the lighting  behind me, it reminds me of christmas and I can tell you, that there's already christmas decoration in the shopwindows in Berlin ;-) I really hope you like my latest selfmade garment - stay tuned, there will be more in the next time! 

happy wednesday! xx

shoes - H&M
tights - Tezenis
scarf - H&M
bag - ZARA
coat - selfmade / lackofcolor


  1. A really nice post and a beautiful Outfit!
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