Wednesday, November 27, 2013


pictures by the boy
UNDERGROUND CAR PARK I could not think of any good title for this post - I really wanted to give it a name that has something to do with underground because we did the pictures in an underground car park but I already called one post "underground". So I sat in front of my computer thinking about this, hours for hours, seriously, there's nothing more important than the name of my blog post ;-) But anyway, it's called green tones in berlin now and I can tell you a little story. As I told you in my previous post, the boy always surprises me with the area where we shoot the pictures. On Saturday before I threw on those clothes he asked me what colors I would wear today, and I was like .. green .. a green coat. And I could see in his face that he was thinking about a nice place with green spots to take the perfect pictures ;-) Yep and he found it! We started taking pictures but then this janitor came by and told us we were not allowed to shoot in his underground car park :-D I thought it was a joke, seriously, I looked like a nice girl who won't make any mess and I just needed five good shots , but nope. He told us to leave so we could only use the three pictures we did before he came because both of us were really happy with the background and we didn't want to search for something new .. :-D I still can't believe it, I thought in a city like Berlin no one would ever be annoyed when taking pictures somewhere .. turns out I was wrong.

But we managed to get a few good shots! I wore my lovely green coat from Asos which I absolutely love, but sadly it's a light coat so I can't really wear it in deep winter time. I wanted to have a classy and chic outfit, that's why I wore a simple black skirt and a white turtleneck pullover and put my hair up! (by the way, it really looks blonde again in those pictures, am I right?) To top it I wore my brand new Peperosa cut out boots which I got from the Parade Deutschland! I just loooove these boots and I always wanted cut out boots so bad :-) You will see me wearing these lovlies a lot this season since they are the perfect boots for everyday wear - not too high and absolutely comfy! 


skirt - H&M
turtleneck pullover - Zara
bag - H&M
coat - Asos
cut out boots - c/o peperosa via Parade Deutschland

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