Friday, November 29, 2013


pictures by Rebecca from itscohen

VOGUE Hello hello! I was really annoyed when I found out that Vogue forgot about my subscription this month. I got it from my sisters as a gift for my 20th birthday and was really excited to always getting the latest Vogue issues sent to my apartment - really casual and cool you know. Not having to rush to the next shop and getting it on the first day (as if I had done that ..... oh well ;-) ) It took us quite a while to make this subscription thing work that's why my first issue should arrive in November. On the 13th. Somehow they totally forgot about me and didn't send me the magazine until this week. I was a bit annoyed but as soon as I held it in my arms I was happy again. It's a really nice issue this time, festive and christmas-y with lots of good inspiration for the holiday season!

I wore this outfit this week at work and lovely Rebecca who just started working with us at Stylight took the pictures - thanks girl! I wore green skinny jeans, a lovely black jacket which was on sale at Zara's (go get it!) and my beloved (fake) furry hat. It's a really simple outfit as always but the shoes and the hat really nail it! Plus adding my diva lipstick from MAC was such a good decision, I really love this outfit and could imagine wearing it all the time! Oh and I didn't tell you yet, I will grow my bangs / fringe as I am getting bored of it and I already have it for six months now - sooo, let's get back to my beloved good old middle part (or side part)!
Actually I wanted to ask you for advice what to wear for tomorrow's christmas party with the Stylight guys, but I got sick so I will just stay at home and drink tea all the time. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow so my weekend will not only consist of tea, bed and breakfast at tiffany's to cheer me up! 

See ya! xx

shoes - no name
jeans - Zara
jacket - Zara
scarf - New Yorker
bag - Vintage
fake fur hat - Asos


  1. you little cutie <3 sending lots of love, and i really hope you feel better soon! xxxxxx

    1. aww thanks babe! have fun at the party today!! xx

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:


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