Tuesday, November 19, 2013


pictures by shewearsfashion.com

"HOLIDAYS" I was so excited to share with you those pictures because my outfit is a bit different to what I usually wear. This time I played with a cap! I've seen this cap at Zara's a few weeks ago and I loved caps when I was about ten, you know, young girl trying to be cool (or whatever, haha). So I tried it on in the shop and I really wasn't sure about it. I loved the zips and the fake leather style, but caps, oh my, this was newland for me. But I bought it because after standing 10 minutes in front of the mirror I fell in love. I combined it really casual cool with my 1993 shirt, a white oversized blazer, dark grey jeans and black boots. To add even more coolness to the whole look I wore my selfmade jacket which I made in my second year of high school. I wore it once in the last 6 years because I have never really liked it too much but when I wore the cap I immediately thought of it. And after a while I really liked it and now I'm wearing it almost every second day as it's suuuper comfy and warm!

So tomorrow I'm going to Berlin to see the boy and I am also going to do a student for one day-day at this university I will probably apply for. Excited! I am so looking forward to be back in Berlin as I kind of miss not just the boy but also the city. It's crazy how I fell in love with it. I am super happy to have a few days off of work because I am starting to miss my free time which I had looads of when I was studying at uni. When I was at school I left the house in the morning and came back in the evening without much time left and I promised myself that I want to avoid such "jobs" in the future because I don't want to miss so much time in life .. but well, I did have a whole year of lots of free time and now I am back to the good old routine. I know this is absolutely normal to most of the people in the world, working the whole day in an office but for me it's a big deal as I'm kind of a creative person and sometimes I just wanna rush out, get away from my computer and do something else .. haha. Anyway, while I'm working it feels good to have two days off every once in a while to be creative and productive in a different kind of way :-)

I hope you all are doing fine! xx

boots - Zara
pants - Zara
bag - vintage
shirt - selfmade print shop
blazer - Mango
cap - Zara
jacket - selfmade

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