Wednesday, October 23, 2013


pictures by the boy
MAKE UP CONFESSIONS Wednesday is almost over and I am really looking forward to the weekend as I am just going to sew all day long. You all know that the last two weekends where pretty much about family and friends and don't get me wrong I love to have my sister or the boy around, but sometimes we all need to be on our own as well right? So this time I am really looking forward to sewing because I've planned a new coat and I am so so ready to start! It's going to be a grey colored one, pretty standard cut because I'm trying to concentrate on basic garments which you can combine with everything right now. I think I'm getting old .. I mean, I realized that it's all about basics and you don't need every cool "it" piece. I also bought some basic shirts because I didn't even had one, but that is another story ;-)

Anyway, today's outfit was shot by the boy at the tube station near my place and the pictures turned out different to the ones we usually take but I love them. My simple and dark outfit and the dark atmosphere at the tube match perfectly. I also tried out a new make up because the boy told me several times that he would love to see me wearing a stronger eye make up. So I tried smokey eyes and yep, I was not really good at doing it because I usually just use mascara and eyeliner. I tried hard and with the help of my lovely bf we kind of worked it out. Imagine me and the boy both trying to do my make up .. I'm a like the worst girl ever haha. But I think I might do it again for going out and maybe I'll get used to it =)

Have a nice and relaxing wednesday evening guys! xx 

beanie - no name
scarf - H&M
fake fur - Mango
bag - Ullmann Fashion
shoes - Zara


  1. It's perfect indeed :-) I love it! xx

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