Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MAKE UP ARTIST CONTEST with BeautybySoraya

WEEKEND IN AUSTRIA Yay! So last friday I headed to Vienna straight after work to join my friend Isabella (beautybysoraya.com) because she was taking part in a make up artist contest. I was really really tired and stuff but on Saturday in the morning I got really motivated and just wanted to do this, like really really good! So if you follow me on my social media you could see that she had one hour to do my hair, and 1.5 hours for the make up. The topic was "glamour" and she took part as a newcomer because she's only a make up artist for less than a year. As I've got so many hair I straightened it before the contest so it was easier for her to make this huge bun! I mean, look at the pictures it's SO SO big. Bigger than the one I do sometimes - haha.

So, I wore a backless black lace dress which you've seen before on the blog (it was my new years eve dress), my fav. glitter heels and a black leather clutch. In my opinion it was a glamorous outfit, and I am a fan of understatement which means, I felt like the hairdo was perfect because you could see the back and if the dress and the make up is conspicuous you don't need an extravagant hairdo as well. BUT sadly, the jury didn't share those thoughts with me. I really liked the make up, I love that she used this dark lipstick because right now I'm crazy about dark lips (you'll see a lipstick post in the future) and I think all in all it was glamorous. Well, "we" or Isabella, didn't won, but it was a fun day =) So enjoy the pictures, they were taken by some guy from the competition ;-) thank your Isabella for asking me to join you - I had a really great time! xx

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