Saturday, October 5, 2013


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OKTOBERFEST 2013 As Thursday was a german holiday, Kavita and I went to the Oktoberfest at 10 a.m in the morning - crazy! It was my very first time there and I was overwhelmed by those masses that get up so early to celebrate and stuff - it was insane! We met lots of nice people, australian, british and dutch guys (have you seen the instagram shot I took with the one dutch man who was a giant of a man? :-D ) and were pretty surprised of how many families went there with their small kids - who even drank beer - yes, we saw lots of kids who sipped at their parents drinks - crazy! We went on some rides as well (a really fast roller coaster which scared me to hell but at the same time I had so much fun :-D ) and of course danced a lot ;-) The pictures were taken after the whole thing, I might look a bit tired and wasted, but I had such a good time!

Naturally, as an austrian girl I've got a dirndl, so my outfit choice for thursday was pretty easy. I just had to think about which bag, shoes and coat (it was reaaally reaally cold!!) Honestly, I can't understand how some girls go to the Wiesen with their high heels and without a proper coat. We were there the whole day and danced like crazy, imagine with high heels it would be so hard and painful after some time! It felt soo good in flat shoes with a little bag to wrap around - just comfy and easy. When I look at those pictures they remind me of the music video for "who knew" by Pink - right? The background with all the people and lighting, it's really similar ;-) Anyway, it was a fun day and the headache was totally worth it :-P even though we only drank shandy, oh well.. 

i wish you a nice saturday evening guys! xx 

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