Friday, October 11, 2013


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ACTUALLY, I DON'T It's just that this bike from someone from the office looks so nice with the outfit I wore just the other day. Checked pants and my furry hat! I am really impressed by the guys at work who ride their bike in the morning, in summertime I would love to, but when it's cold outside, and it really is in fancy Munich, I couldn't do that. Chapeau! So I put my bag in this bike and leaned on it pretending it was mine, because it looks really cool and almost every blogger took pictures with a bike in his/her whole blogger career, right? ;-)

So this is what I wore to work on wednesday.. pretty simple but oh so comfy and I love those checked pants. I got them back in summer at Zara Sale and I am really happy now because everybody seems to be obsessed with red checked pants and I am happy to have them in another color ;-) The furry hat was one investment I did two weeks ago. I always wanted to have one but was never sure where to get it. I saw lots of those in Berlin at some random barrow boy but I didn't dare to buy one as they looked really cheap :-D So I got this one at Asos for about 15€ and it was a good decision! It's really warm and I love how such hats make simple looks really cool and something special. I am so excited to wear it lots of times this season! Have a nice weekend guys! xx

shoes - Zara
bag - H&M
pants - Zara
t shirt - H&M
cardigan - H&M
furry hat - Asos


  1. so ein tolles outfit :-)

    haha ich bin vor kurzem von hamburg nach utrecht in den niederlanden gezogen. hier fährt JEDER fahrrad. das war/ist für mich auch echt ne umstellung

    wenn du magst, mach doch bei meiner blogvorstellungsaktion auf meinem blog mit :-)

    und kannst auch gerne meinen aktuellen outfitpost anschauen

  2. dankeschön liebe Tamina :-) jaaa aber eigentlich ist es wirklich bewundernswert und cool, fährt man so viel Rad - ich sollte auf anfangen damit :) Fährst du denn nun auch Rad?

  3. love your trousers! and you're right, looks so good with the bike x
    The Frill Seeker

  4. Such a gorgeous look, I love it! love your blog, now following x

  5. I really like the chic, but relaxed look! Also, the pants and hat (it looks great on you!) are gorgeous!

  6. I LOVE your furry Hat !!!!! Really !!!!!!!! :)

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  8. Good chic


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