Wednesday, October 2, 2013


pictures by the boy
BOY-ISH Today's outfit is something different, but lately I've been thinking about trying some different styles, like a more edgy and cool one for example. I wore some simple skinny black jeans, those boots I really love right now because they just look SO good and then a t-shirt I received by Boede Otze Berlin. If you follow my blog you know that I have done a giveaway with them and I got the coolest beanie ever some weeks ago. Yay! Actually, I never really shared with you that Boede Otze Berlin is the boy's start up company which he set up with some friends some months ago and I naturally want to support him ;-) (sorry for not mentioning but I guess some of you knew already :-P )

Well, I wore this look in Berlin a couple of weeks ago and in the beginning it was weird because I hardly never wear such t shirts but then it got really comfy and cool. For me it has always been a problem to combine such simple t -shirts and if there was a logo or statement on the front I just gave up. But after some evenings watching the pairing videos of wendy's lookbook (yes, I am crazy about her =D ) I had some ideas. So this look is more boy-ish but with a light red lipstick and a cool bag you're ready to hang out with the guys ;-) I've been also thinking about doing a more girl-ish look with this shirt to show you another version of how you could combine it - I've got some ideas, if you're interested in seeing them - just comment and there'll be another article with the BO t-shirt =)

have a nice wednesday afternoon guys! xx

shoes - Saito
pants - Zara
shirt - Boede Otze Berlin
trenchcoat - H&M


  1. really lovely blog and i love the outfit :D Just found you through shewearsfashion/Kavita's blog!

    Love CF x

  2. thank you Chelsey, this is so lovely :-)

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