Monday, October 28, 2013


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A SHORT WEEK I've always been quite in love with the skirt and overknees combination, but never really knew how to pull it off since I'm such a small person. I haven't yet found the perfect overknees with a little heel, that's why I'm sticking to my flat ones which are amazingly comfortable. Also they still look good even though I bought them .. three years ago. Good job! Since the weather has been quite nice in fancy Munich I had the chance to even wear a skirt without tights - I know, I'm a tough girl :-D So I paired this little black skirt from Kavita with my plaid t-shirt from Zara, black overknees and my selfmade cape. Feels like back at school when I'm swapping clothes with my friend :-D

Oh well, it's also Monday again but I'm quite happy since I've only got 2.5 days to work this week - yay! Going to Berlin on Wednesday to see the boy and just relax :-) So looking forward to it as I have to admit that I am not used to work from Monday till Friday from 9-6 every week without a day off. Again it feels like back at school and I hated it to kind of loose a whole day just sitting at my desk. But I think I will get used to this again as I will probably do internships the whole year .. So anyway, there's not much to say today, as you could see on my social media, I've been working like crazy on my coat and it's almost finished, I hope to finish it by the end of tonight and then wear it in the next few days so you can see how it looks like :-) Really excited about this and almost forgot how I love to sew! Haven't been doing it the whole summer but I really want to sew more in the next time!

Happy Monday! xx

overknees - Deichmann (old)
skirt - borrowed from Kavita
top - Zara
cape -  lackofcolordesigns selfmade
bag - Nussbag


  1. Sooooo cute! Love the coat and the bag :)
    New post
    Kisses :******

  2. ich looooove the cape and the bag :)

  3. Nice outfits ! :) I like your coat ! <3

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