Monday, September 2, 2013


HELLO FROM FANCY MUNICH Well, I arrived safely in the new hometown, my moving-weekend went really quickly and now the boy and I are discovering the city and relaxing like a lot :-) right now we're sitting in a little coffee house to check out e mails and stuff because I don't have any wifi connection in my apartment - by now of course :-)

Anyway, here are the last pictures we shot in my hometown, where I wore this lovely midi skirt by Mango which I bought just for my birthday party in July actually. But I fell in love with it that much that I had to wear it pretty often during this summer. I always thought midi skirts wouldn't look good on small girls (just as long skirts) but I was wrong, no wonder. Anyway, it was a simple yet chic outfit for taking a long walk by the lake in my hometown before this stressful moving weekend which wasn't that stressful at all, to be honest. I really think summer is over now, I changed from sandals to boots within a day but I like autumn and its changing colors a lot and I am excited to live through it in another city =)
have a nice day guys and see you soon here on the blog!



  1. Looking lovely! The outfit is simple and chic at the same time :)
    Have a nice week ahead :)
    You can check out my blog if you have a free time :)

  2. thanks girl :-) I'll be sure to check out your website!
    have a nice day, xoxo


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