Saturday, September 7, 2013


ITS WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO Can't believe I'm doing this again =) When I moved to Vienna last year in October I thought this would be my new home for at least three years. The plan was to study publicism and then go into fashion industry like "here I am, go hire me". Turns out I was wrong ;-) After a year of studying, blogging and working I realized that the studies I chose were not what I really wanted. To be honest, I've always had my plans and dreams of who and what I want to be in future or "when I grow up", but I honestly didn't really know how to reach this goal, until I got into blogging. The last year made me realize that I gotta be more active to reach my goals, and this contains the internship at Stylight and therefore moving to fancy Munich.

So here it is, another room tour and I'm pretty sure there'll be another one in the near future. Compared to my room in Vienna, this one's tiny, as in 10m2, but I love it anyway. To save money, I kept my bed and wardrobe and just got a new chest of drawers because the other one was too big. My dad made this lovely and cute desk for blogging and working on the computer. In our apartment which I'm sharing with a lovely girl from here we've got a living room where I'm going to have a big table where I can sew and stuff (really excited about this).

the latest German Vogue issue from September 2013
all three pillows by H&M Home
without a picture of Audrey it wouldn't be my room :-) // the blanket is by IKEA as well as the two boxes used as a bedside table ;-) // oh and there are four polaroids I took with the boy in Berlin this year
actually my fav. place in the room - the new chest of drawers by IKEA with some decoration stuff by IKEA, H&M Home and Homefashion Pusch

tiny workplace for blogging, sketching and listening to music :-)
the latest issues of german Vogue and Instyle and the lastest IKEA catalogue ;-) as well as a sketching book I got by the boy // the two vases are by IKEA as well


  1. I love your room~ So pretty!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  2. thanks a lot Vivian for your sweet comment :-)

  3. So cozy! I really like the chest of drawers and desk! :)


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