Wednesday, September 18, 2013


pictures by the boy

HELLO from casual and cool Berlin! My internship starts on Monday so I decided to come and visit the boy in Berlin again for some fine days. It actually feels like a second (or third?) hometown and I am slowly getting used to the cool style of the people living here. Having coffee in the city and going for a walk I decided on something very simple - a black and white combination (we've seen this a thousand times but we still love it, right?). The weather was switching from sunny to rainy so I wore an awesome hat by H&M (I  desperately checked for this one in my size in every H&M in Munich until I finally found it!)

I remember the day I bought my very first hat - it was three years ago and I really really wanted this special creme colored furry hat by H&M (click here to see the outfit). Everyone was skeptical about it but I loved it right away. Sadly, I wasn't confident enough to wear hats that time so this gorgeous piece had to stay in my closet for the next two years. In 2011 I bought a brown hat (click here) and slowly became more confident in wearing it. First I only went for a walk with my mum to get used to it, but then I found out, there's nothing about it. I guess I was just a bit scared because no one of my friends or any other girls at school used to wear hats. But since last year I can't hide my love for hats anymore =) I'm now having fun pulling of the indie style with a brown fedora or wearing a burgundy one in autumn :-)

shoes - Saito
pants - Zara
blouse, trenchcoat, hat - H&M
bag - Gaudí

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