Friday, September 13, 2013


pictures by mumy
FRIDAY Well, now it's pouring outside and the week is coming to an end, but on Monday the weather was still fine and not too cold, so I wore this lovely outfit at my parents place. I got the t shirt at Luisa's (the blogger behind Style-Roulette) flea market which was last Saturday. It's actually the one and only thing I found there, I guess I came too late and all the other good things were already sold :-D But anyway, I fell in love with it and sometimes I am a fan of wearing second hand clothing. Feels like I'm giving this simple shirt another chance to shine ;-) (this sounds weird huh? :D) So, for my stay at home I only took the red trench with me, that's why I borrowed my mother's black leather jacket that day (she's okay with sharing) and I really like this look a lot. An outfit for having coffee with the girls where you don't have to take a big handbag (right now I'm trying to use smaller handbags again ;-) )

But today's outfit is about those amazing blue shoes and the flower t shirt. I'm having a big big crush on those shoes: real leather, bright blue and then I only paid 20 euros .. but you know that already from one of my previous posts, I keep repeating myself, right? At the moment I'm sad that I couldn't wear them more often this year because it's already boots time .. or hunters time but I'll be sure to wear them in spring again =)

have a nice weekend guys! I'm off to have cosy and comfy days, what are your plans?

shoes - ZARA
pants - Vero Moda
shirt - second hand
leather jacket - via Ullmann Fashion
bag - H&M


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