Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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GREY PERFECTION - During the last few weeks I've been looking for some grey pants and finally found jeggings at Vero Moda's. Pairing those with a white blouse and one of my fav. blazers makes the perfect fall outfit combination for me. When checking out all the magazines with their "top ten lists for fall garments" or "the new fall colors for 2013" and all that stuff I find myself smiling because even though there's lots of great stuff to buy out there, and there are all those cool "new" looks, I think most people find themselves wearing the same things again and again. For example, I bought this blazer in fall 2011 and I still adore it. The blouse, my graduation-blouse, is from H&M bought in spring 2012 und the bag is really old. Except for the pants everythings pretty old but always when fall's around the corner I grab this blazer because of it's autumnal color and a white blouse just because white blouses are the most chic garments ever invented!

So, right now I am at my parent's place again, but I'll be leaving tomorrow for fancy Munich. You see, it's hard to believe but there's still some stuff in my old room that needs to be with me in Munich ;-) As my internship's postponed a week I'm now planning what to do in the next two weeks. I might sew something (yay - there'll be an article on the blog) and go to Berlin again! But for now I'm off to meet my girl Amy for a fun lunch date =)

have a nice day guys!

pants - Vero Moda
blouse - H&M
blazer - H&M
bag - New Yorker

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