Monday, September 16, 2013


MONDAY MORNING When I got up this morning, and scrolled through instagram (yeah, I am checking my phone after weaking up - it's actually the first thing I do when I'm sleeping alone) .. I saw a picture of Carrie from SATC (we all love her, don't we?) saying "shall we get more coffee or shall we get guns and kill ourselves?" Today might be an important day in life - I am not going to talk about it, no no - BUT this really made my monday morning - haha. I just love how all the people hate when it's monday again and I am anxious to see if I'll hate monday morning as well when I'm a working person, or studying again. We will see. I've always seen monday morning as another chance to change something, do something, work out something - not as the worst day ever ..

So today's outfit - we took the pictures at my parents place. I wore my white jeans again (I guess it's now time to put them back into the wardrobe which says "summer clothes") this "crop top pullover" leopard flats and THE BAG. I got it at the Ullmann Fashion Agency - if you follow me on my social media you could see that I was there to check out the spring summer collection 2014 of Gaudí. I've seen lots of great stuff in bright colors - amazing dresses, the highest heels ever and beautiful bags but this white little thing got my whole attention. As I told you, I'm trying to get used to smaller bags, I only take them when I'm going out and weeeell, that doesn't happen very often .. but this bag has the perfect size for having coffee or going to a restaurant or whatever. It's definitely one of my new favorites and its WHITE. I've always wanted a white bag as white was THE trend color this summer but I couldn't find one that doesn't look too cheap you see? So what do you think of it? =)

wishing you all a lovely start into a new week ;-)
(I started my morning with listening to Alter Bridge - that might explain the title :) oh and it's my 200th article today! yaay! ) 

shoes - H&M
pants - Mango
pullover - Forever 21
jacket - Mango
bag - Gaudí via Ullmann Fashion


  1. schönes outfit! die tasche ist wunderschön <3!

  2. Congratulations on your 200th article! You look so pretty. I just switched from working full time to going back to school and Mondays definitely are worse when you're working! :) haha

    Have a lovely day,

    1. thanks a lot Carly! Indeed it is more fun to just go to school on Monday and relax than working like crazy until 6pm :-)


  3. Great look! Love the bag!
    With love,

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