Friday, September 20, 2013


pictures by the boy
THOUGHTS Yesterday the boy and I had breakfast in town and afterwards we did some inspirational windowshopping. It was a fun and relaxing day as we are currently working pretty much to make the best out of lackofcolor. We did some brainstorming and thought about a completely new layout - but I won't tell you anything more. You'll see the end result as soon as possible =) It's just that I started tiny lackofcolor blog more than one year ago on my own and it really feels good to share this with someone important. It's definitely more fun like this ;-)

But let's talk about the outfit. You can see that fall arrived in town and I am actually pretty happy about this. I mean, it could be warmer, 10 degrees are really an imposition but it's time to wear outerwear again and I love love love coats, capes, thick jackets and all that great stuff! (that's why I'm going to sew a new coat!) So I wore my beige cape and combined it with blue pants, a blue blouse where the collar and cuffs are made out of jeans material and those awesome boots! I've never had such boots before but I figured I should try something new, more edgy and cool. They have this chrome colored touch and I love it. Usually I would never buy such boots but with this color attraction I had to get them, but still pair them with something classy.


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