Sunday, September 29, 2013


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SUNDAY DREAMS To be honest, I love dressing up nicely. I love wearing dresses, I would love to wear high heels everyday (if it wouldn't be painful after some hours) and to be more honest, I always loved the idea of dressing really lovely and nice for special occassions. If you follow lackofcolor for a while you might know that especially for christmas eve I always have to find, like the best dress or outfit ever. It's the same with new year's eve or my birthday. It's just that I like to give some occassions a special meaning by wearing something more fancy than usual. So I wore this look in Berlin on a Sunday because it's the perfect Sunday dress. A dress for Sundays should be nice but casual. When I was younger I used to watch all those old television series where the kids had to dress pretty fancy on Sunday because of church and stuff - and because of that I have this crazy idea of doing the same when I'm older =D I might not go to church every Sunday but I love the idea of having a nice lunch on Sunday at a restaurant and being dressed fancy (this is pretty oldschool isn't it?).

Anyway, this dress is an older one actually. I bought it two years ago at Asos (you might have seen it on the blog before) and some of my friends call it the french maid dress, as it has this little knitted collar in white ;-) I have to say I've never been more in love with a simple Sunday dress before. It's the perfect choice for every occassion. To keep me warm I wore my beige cape, patterned tights, black wedges and the burgundy colored Gaudí bag. 

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