Thursday, August 29, 2013


STILL SUMMER Hey guys, sorry for the lack of blogposts I really had no time to blog in the last few days - so busy with moving and visiting all my beloved ones again! This time I am mad about myself as well because I hate skipping so many posts and I already missed writing my articles (crazy addicted blogger girl). Sadly, it will get even worse, as I am moving on Saturday and I don't have any wifi connection in my apartment. Therefore I don't know if there will be any articles published next week - BUT I will try to prepare some and publish them at any starbucks or mc café - thank you 21st century for having wifi in almost every coffee house or restaurant.

But let's talk about todays outfit - it's actually the outfit I wore on Saturday for a nice chat with one of my best friends from my hometown. I wore this flowerly blazer by Primark which really makes me feel like summer is still here. The last few days made me doubt that summer would come back again but here it is and I really hope that september which is right around the corner will be partly sunny and warm as well =) I feel like I haven't had real summer holidays this year. Honestly, how quickly did the last two months pass by?
Anyway, I am now off to do some purchases for the new apartment (bought pillows at H&M Home this week - there'll be a room tour of course) - for example getting myself an iron - very important purchase ;-)

thanks for reading and have a nice and sunny Thursday!xoxo

loafers & bag - no name
skirt - H&M
shirt - Forever 21
blazer - Primark

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