Saturday, August 17, 2013


THE NEW LENS So this was my very casual outfit from Friday, where the boy and I had the most amazing brunch ever (check out instagram or facebook for pictures) and then we headed over to IKEA just because I love the atmosphere there. I guess that's because my parents used to go there with me and my sisters at least once a month and so I grew up with just walking through IKEA and feeling at home - it's almost like window shopping. Such a nice and pleasant little adventure every now and then. I was wearing this total comfy jumpsuit I ordered at Asos some weeks ago together with my latest crush - this cool vest which I found at H&M in the children's department :-D yay for being small! Also the bag is new - remember when I told you I was searching for the perfect handbag? Found it!

While writing this blogpost the boy is playing on the piano and I'm starting to feel at home in casual and cool Berlin. This city is really great, a lot of history and lots of different and interesting people - and I haven't told you yet, but I will probably apply for some private school here to study fashion journalism next autumn. I really think that I am finally on the right way to make it out there and even though this might sound cheesy, I feel like coming closer to my dreams and goals.

enjoy the pictures we took with my new lens and have a great weekend!

loafers - no name
jumpsuit - ASOS
vest - H&M
handbag - accessorize

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