Thursday, August 29, 2013


STILL SUMMER Hey guys, sorry for the lack of blogposts I really had no time to blog in the last few days - so busy with moving and visiting all my beloved ones again! This time I am mad about myself as well because I hate skipping so many posts and I already missed writing my articles (crazy addicted blogger girl). Sadly, it will get even worse, as I am moving on Saturday and I don't have any wifi connection in my apartment. Therefore I don't know if there will be any articles published next week - BUT I will try to prepare some and publish them at any starbucks or mc café - thank you 21st century for having wifi in almost every coffee house or restaurant.

But let's talk about todays outfit - it's actually the outfit I wore on Saturday for a nice chat with one of my best friends from my hometown. I wore this flowerly blazer by Primark which really makes me feel like summer is still here. The last few days made me doubt that summer would come back again but here it is and I really hope that september which is right around the corner will be partly sunny and warm as well =) I feel like I haven't had real summer holidays this year. Honestly, how quickly did the last two months pass by?
Anyway, I am now off to do some purchases for the new apartment (bought pillows at H&M Home this week - there'll be a room tour of course) - for example getting myself an iron - very important purchase ;-)

thanks for reading and have a nice and sunny Thursday!xoxo

Monday, August 26, 2013


WE'RE ONLY YOUNG AND NAIVE STILL You know what? I've never been much a fan of nail polishes until the age of 16. My sisters always used nail polish in every color, every day and at my birthday partys I always received tons of nail polish that I straight handed to them. I just wasn't interested in painting my nails and I also bit my nails so they were pretty short, like really really :-D Anyway, I don't know why but when I got older and I saw all those cute girls with their special manicure I wanted to have this as well - at the age of 16 and 17 I had almost exclusively red nails. So this is how my nail polish career started, pretty late but that doesn't bother me that much - my nails are still shorter than normal but I am not much a fan of having long nails, I just don't feel comfortable with it =)

So at my 20th Birthday party this year I got a ciaté package by my friend Lisa to do some "caviar nails". While sitting in the living room, throwing those caviar pearls on my nails I thought "well, now you've made up all the girlie things refering to nail polish which you've never done before by just doing this" It really made me feel like I am 12 (or is that too old as well?) trying out different nail trends like the caviar nails. The feeling having those small pearls on my nails was indeed great but next time I'll use another polish for underneath or get the caviar pearls in another color - this is a bit too girlie and extreme for me for an everyday manicure :-) what do you think?

Thursday, August 22, 2013


SOMETHING NEW On Tuesday the weather was pretty nice in Berlin, so I could wear my skort again - this time I paired it with a fake leather taupe colored top by Zara. I totally fell in love with it by the time I've seen it and if you follow my blog for a while now, you can see that I've got a second leather top in burgundy as well. (click here to see the article ) I really like the combination of the asymetric length the top has, together with the  length of the skort. Also the colors are lovely - the longer I stayed in Berlin, the more I wanted to dress in white, black and grey - must have been the influence of the boyfriend ;-)

Anyway, I am back home now and there's lots of stuff to do before moving to Munich (9 days left!) - so I'll spend the last days here at my parents house seeing all my friends again, doing some purchases for the apartment and of course spending quality time with the family. It really feels like fall is quite close and for me, fall was always the start of something new. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


GOOD MORNING PEEPS! The last week was not much about blogging but I had a really great holiday and relaxing time with the boy which was totally needed! Now I am back to business and I've planned some nice things for you on the blog! Today's article is about a french chic outfit I wore last week in Berlin. I say french chic, because striped shirts and lower high heels always remind me of the cute and elegant french girls - sadly I've never been to France so it's just me thinking about what the french women would prefer to wear.

This outfit is really simple but so classy and comfortable - perfect for coffee in the city or some light shopping. To add a bit of color I wore my latest lipstick investment - "magnetic coral Nr. 373" by L'Oreal - this is said to be the perfect color for blondes and I have to agree with this. I am not much a fan of having pure red lips but this light red tone looks pretty and not extreme.
Enjoy the pictures and have a nice Wednesday!  

Saturday, August 17, 2013


THE NEW LENS So this was my very casual outfit from Friday, where the boy and I had the most amazing brunch ever (check out instagram or facebook for pictures) and then we headed over to IKEA just because I love the atmosphere there. I guess that's because my parents used to go there with me and my sisters at least once a month and so I grew up with just walking through IKEA and feeling at home - it's almost like window shopping. Such a nice and pleasant little adventure every now and then. I was wearing this total comfy jumpsuit I ordered at Asos some weeks ago together with my latest crush - this cool vest which I found at H&M in the children's department :-D yay for being small! Also the bag is new - remember when I told you I was searching for the perfect handbag? Found it!

While writing this blogpost the boy is playing on the piano and I'm starting to feel at home in casual and cool Berlin. This city is really great, a lot of history and lots of different and interesting people - and I haven't told you yet, but I will probably apply for some private school here to study fashion journalism next autumn. I really think that I am finally on the right way to make it out there and even though this might sound cheesy, I feel like coming closer to my dreams and goals.

enjoy the pictures we took with my new lens and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


die Model - Mädels mit Nussbag Geschäftsführer Thomas Jedinger // the models with nussbag manager Thomas Jedinger
ENTUSIASMO KITCHEN SHOWROOM gestern war ich eingeladen, die Nussbag-Modeschau im Showroom von Entusiasmo, der Einrichtungsmanufaktur von Erwin Huber, im schönen kleinen Frankenburg, OÖ, zu besuchen. Schon vor zwei Jahren wurde ich ein großer Fan der Holztaschen, und gehe ungern ohne meine Nussbag Classic außer Haus. Erwin Huber lud engste Freunde, Geschäftspartner, etc. in seinen Showroom, um seine Küchen zu bestaunen. Selbst ich, als Frau die ungern kocht, dachte mir, so eine Küche hätte ich auch gerne (wenn ich dann endlich groß bin). Sie überzeugten mit viel Stil und praktischer Handhabung - ganz besonders angetan hat es mir jedoch die schwarze Küche - unglaublich edel und bestimmt größer als das Zimmer in meiner Wohnung, oder gleich die ganze Wohnung=)
Um halb Acht gings los mit der Nussbag Modeschau welche mit handbemalten Schuhen des Labels PaintedLove unterstützt wurde. Ich selbst war ganz gespannt da eine liebe Freundin von mir die Modeschau organisiert hatte - Hut ab es war wirklich top! Von casual Jumpsuits über tolle Bodenlange Mäntel (der Mantel mit der überdimensionalen Kapuze in orange hat es mir besonders angetan!) bis hin zum kleinen Schwarzen - es war für jeden etwas dabei, und so konnten wir Besucher einen Einblick bekommen, wie die Nussbag denn am besten kombiniert werden könnte. Das Highlight für mich waren definitiv die bunten Versionen der Nussbag classic und casual! Hatte ich diese zuvor noch nicht live gesehen war ich besonders gespannt und mit den schwarzen Jumpsuits und passenden farbigen Details wurde Modetechnisch alles richtig gemacht - ein simpler Streetstyle Look mit Blick auf die hochwertige Tasche. Für alle die genau hingesehen haben, konnte man bei den Outfits die handbemalenen Schuhe von Alexander Fuehrer von PaintedLovebewundern. Erst im Februar dieses Jahres hat der junge Designer begonnen, und bis jetzt schon ungefähr 60 Schuhe bemalt. Kein Schuh ist wie der andere, das ist das wichtigste, denn Individualität, dafür steht PaintedLove. Für die Nussbag-Modeschau wurde ein ganz besonderer Schuh bemalt - für Model Nadine - mit Augen, Pinseln, Katzen und allem was das Herz begehrt! Natürlich habe ich wieder tausende Bilder gemacht - also einfach click to see more - und dann runterscrollen :-)

Ich persönlich glaube ja, es ist wirklich nicht einfach in der österreichischen Modewelt Fuß zu fassen, doch von diesen Marken kann man sagen, sie haben es wirklich geschafft! Da freu ich mich natürlich umso mehr, Nussbag und PaintedLove zusammen mit der Küchenmanufaktur entusiasmo auf meinem lieben kleinen Blog euch allen da draußen vorzustellen. Man kann schon sagen, Österreich hat gestern bewiesen hat wie fashionable es sein kann ;-) 

English version:

Yesterday evening I was invited to the fashionshow by the awesome austrian brand nussbag. Not only was there a faboulos fashionshow, but also shoes painted by hand were presented. Everything in the amazing ambiente of a kitchen showroom. Even I wanted a kitchen like that, even if I don't like to cook that much - must have been the style and the practical features! So Erwin Huber presented his kitchens and I really fell for the black one - is there any kitchen that looks more fine than this one? I don't think so, and it is HUGE. this kitchen might be bigger than my room in my flat, or the whole flat itself:-D
After that it was time for the fashionshow - which was organized by a lovely friend of mine, I am very proud of her! There were casual jumpsuits combined with colored nussbags, amazing coats (speaking of the orange one with the big big hood) and of course the little black dress. The models presented lots of different styles of how to wear the nussbag. My personal fav. was the look with the black jumpsuits, jazzed up with colored accessories matched to the colored nussbag classic or casual - simple but effective streetstyle look! As a special eyecatcher some of them wore shoes designed and made by Alexander Fuehrer (PaintedLove) who recently started his brand. The young artist paints individual pattern onto shoes - there's not a single shoe twice - every customer has it's individual painted shoe. Nadine, a friend of mine who organzied the fashionshow got her own shoes with big big eyes, brushes and cats on - as you can see, there's not a single thing Alexander wouldn't paint on his shoes .. ;-) As always, I took way to many pictures, so just click to see more and scroll down :-) 

You know, I really think it's hard to find your way in the austrian fashion business, but I guess these brands made it! And I really think that after this great evening, Austria has proved that it is pretty cool as well!

handbemalte Schuhe von Alexander Fuehrer, PaintedLove, für Nadine // Nadine got her own handpainted shoes by PaintedLove designer Alexander Fuehrer

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