Friday, July 5, 2013


EASY MOOD Okay, in the last few days I didn't want to wear something special, I wanted to dress simple, casual and easy. And as you can see, I even wore jeans yesterday! Huge thing for me since I am not wearing jeans that much. I guess those pictures speak for themselves, but I've straightened my hair to see how it looks with the bangs, AND because of today's party. It's my birthday party! yay! You're going to hear all about this on Monday here on lackofcolor, or via instagram, so come and follow me (@carmen_wo)!

Also I have to tell you guys, you lovely followers, that I am starting to do an internship at a Publisher's on Monday, and I have to get up veery very early, and come home quite late, so there will be less posts I'm afraid. But I'll do my best to publish articles in the evening, of my work outfits and other stuff! So I am just changing the time when my articles will be published from breakfast time to late dinner time ;-) but in August everything will be the same again :-) so have a nice weekend guys, I am off to preparing my birthday party! (yay, birthday tomorrow!) 

shoes - Monzero
pants - H&M
blouse - H&M
clutch bag - H&M Conscious Collection

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