Thursday, July 4, 2013


While every fashionblogger sits in front row at mercedes benz fashion week in Berlin, I sat down, mind you, in second row at the fashionshow of my old high school. YAY, FUN! (this might sound sarcastic, but it's not ;-) ) So I can say, I was pretty excited about this years fashionshow, it's something completely different if you have taken part yourself "some" time ago. For those of you, who don't know the real process, let me break it down for you: the students and teachers brainstorm for a theme, theen, all students design and draw their collections, afterwards every workshop group choses their fav. collection as agreed with their teacher (you know, it has to be possible for them to sew it, concerning their sewing skills) and then the whole school works together, the teachers pick the models out of the presentationteam (everybody can be in this team, as long as you are willing to take up two lessons more each week for preparation and funny catwalk training) many companies offer their cloth for some collections or their shoes, sunglasses, etc. This year there was even a collaboration with the designer La Hong ;-)

Our school is known to have futuristic collections, they always work with   unusual materials such as metal, wood, etc. I have to admit, this time I didn't like that so many collections were pretty revealing. I know that most of the girls can wear clothes like that, but after seeing tons of crop tops or lots of girls in bodies (and I know that we already had that some years ago when I was at school) it gets a bit boring. BUT my highlight was this barock collection, I just love how grandiose their dresses looked, AND the last collection, which was designed by a very good friend of mine, worth to introduce you - Ibo Soliman (I am pretty sure he'll make his way, since there was another collection designed by him as well) anyway,about the last collection, the students worked with black leather and white lace, so we all expected dresses in combination, but there where black leather dresses and the same dresses made out of this gorgeous lace cloth! I was impressed. As you've probably seen on instagram (carmen_wo) I was amused by their superheros collection, there was even catwoman with her whip and I guess it is just my opinion but it was too rude for me :-D all in all it was a nice event, I've seen some familiar faces on the catwalk, had the chance to talk a lot with the teachers and see some old friends again :-) 

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