Monday, July 1, 2013


GOOD TIMES FOR A CHANGE So today tiny lackofcolor blog turns one! This is crazy, because when I started this blog, exactly on the first of july short before midnight I had never thought that I would do that frequently and with so much passion. So I started this blog a year ago and I don't even know why. At that time I've never read any blogs and didn't know how and where to start this, but I came up with the idea to write, like a virtual diary. The first blogposts were not even published, it was just for me. When I moved to Vienna I became more confident in relation to the blog, so I thought, why not trying out to publish something? Then I started to look through other blogs, get to know the whole thing, bought a reflex camera and started to write my articles on a frequent basis, like 4-5 times a week. And now, here we are. 

Whenever I read a review of some bloggers life, they always thank their followers for supporting them and that they met so many incredible people because of their blog, etc. Well, since Lackofcolor is only one year old  (and I started to post frequently in November) I can't say that I've met the most interesting people ever. I've done what I want. I get up, eat my muesli and write my blog article. Yes, I've had the chance to collaborate with this cool german online shop called Marlin, I would have never thought that they contact me just out of the blue, and then I did my very first giveaway with Böde Otze, but that's it. I did the photoshoots with Michael and Isabella, this was a great experience! I guess I really became more confident because of the blog; I applied for every internship that has to do with writing, fashion, styling and stuff, of course mentioning the blog and maybe lackofcolor is the reason why I do so well in the last months. My parents always say I'm living in the fast lane because I got this job at Life Ball, I did some jobs as an extra at a film company, and in the next few weeks the bags I designed for this leather company are going to be produced. Also I am moving to Munich in September, starting an internship at Stylight, this is like I am coming even more close to my dream.
Anyway, a big big thanks to my family, my boyfriend and my friends for supporting me - they always have to take my outfit pictures and attend crazy events with me, haha :-D 
I guess I should also thank my followers, even if I really don't know who you are. Everyday I am looking at the graph at blogger's which shows me my pageviews and I always ask myself who the hell are those people clicking on everyday? :-D But I don't want to complain, I'm glad to have you all =) so thanks for being there, and let's go off into another year :-) 


  1. aaaw, thanks a lot saskia, this is sweet :-)


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