Friday, July 12, 2013


TGIF - Actually I never say that, because I am not much a fan of weekends, I just don't look forward to them ... usually. But now as a one-month-working-girl I kind of looked forward to today. So thank god it's friday, so I can relax and spend time in the sun with my girls :-)

I've worn this look last Sunday when I had my sunday talk with my girl Bettina. It was late afternoon and the sun was going down but I really like the atmosphere of the pictures, makes them look warm in between all those trees and the little bridge =) It was indeed a nice sunday talk and walk. I wore this pretty cool fake leather shirt by Zara and some high waist pants and  leopard shoes by H&M. Well, and I don't know if you recognized a little change on the blog - I got bored of the layout, thinking about a new header or something, BUT before doing this, I decided to remove all the widgets, you know, the facebook instagram, bloglovin widgets, I wanted to have a more fresh and simple blog without any stuff on the left or right side. So if someones wants to follow me, I will still keep the menu above, but (for now) no widgets anymore =)

shoes - H&M
pants - H&M
top - Zara
bag - Asos

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