Wednesday, July 3, 2013


SUMMER HOLIDAYS I am really starting to feel like summer holidays have finally arrived. Even though I am starting to work at a publisher's next Monday I am enjoying the warm days in the sun right now. Just relaxing at the pool, casualing around my old hometown, meeting my friends, etc. What I like most about summer is that it's still warm outside in the evening, like yesterday. So we shot those pictures about 7pm or even later and the weather was still fine. 

Anyway, I am mad about blue; I guess many of you knew that already, in my opinion the best color choice for a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is something blue. I know this is pretty classy, but so do I think about brown-eyed girls with brown hair - they look adorable wearing something green! So yesterday I was wearing the blogger's fav. skort by Zara, with a blue loose shirt by H&M and this cute clutch which reminds me of summer because of the raffia and the mix of all those colors. 

shoes - Promod
bag - Zara
skort - Zara
shirt - H&M

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