Saturday, July 27, 2013


So yesterday was my dad's birthday, and for this occasion I had to wear something chic and pretty. We went to have dinner at one of our family's most fav. restaurants and then straight to the theatre to see "Hello,Dolly!" . It was a really cute musical, from the first moment when they all got onto the stage I was impressed by their costumes. It really would have been my time you know .. all those petticoats, the guys with patterned suits, hats and of course their voices were really impressive as well. All in all it was a nice musical, quite fun actually even though it was foreseeable =)

Coming to my outfit, I wore a blue one shoulder dress I ordered last year at asos. I really like one shoulder dresses, and I think it makes me, especially because I am such a petite person even more dainty and I like that effect. I also chose to combine it with a simple thin black belt and black sling pumps. I don't know why but for me, I love the combination of black and blue, even though many people would consider it as a huge fashion faux pas - I sometimes think there are no faux pas in fashion, cause it's simply there to have fun, so why thinking about any rules?

I am now off with the boy to relax at the lake and enjoy the warm summer days! Have a nice weekend guys ;-) 

shoes - Deichmann
dress - Asos
clutch - Forever 21
sunglasses - H&M
belt - Mango


  1. die brille ist richtig derbe!!

  2. thanks Milex :-)

    @Neon Gold - die Brille ist der Hammer und war noch dazu ein totales Schn├Ąppchen!

  3. Perfect place to find good quality dresses at affordable price. it stand up so well and i saw a huge verity of many color choices.

    1. thanks for the information Ella :-) xx


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