Saturday, July 27, 2013


So yesterday was my dad's birthday, and for this occasion I had to wear something chic and pretty. We went to have dinner at one of our family's most fav. restaurants and then straight to the theatre to see "Hello,Dolly!" . It was a really cute musical, from the first moment when they all got onto the stage I was impressed by their costumes. It really would have been my time you know .. all those petticoats, the guys with patterned suits, hats and of course their voices were really impressive as well. All in all it was a nice musical, quite fun actually even though it was foreseeable =)

Coming to my outfit, I wore a blue one shoulder dress I ordered last year at asos. I really like one shoulder dresses, and I think it makes me, especially because I am such a petite person even more dainty and I like that effect. I also chose to combine it with a simple thin black belt and black sling pumps. I don't know why but for me, I love the combination of black and blue, even though many people would consider it as a huge fashion faux pas - I sometimes think there are no faux pas in fashion, cause it's simply there to have fun, so why thinking about any rules?

I am now off with the boy to relax at the lake and enjoy the warm summer days! Have a nice weekend guys ;-) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


GOING OUT As you could see on my social media (instagram - @carmen_wo) I was out last weekend. Actually, I am not much the party girl anymore. I know this sounds crazy since I just turned twenty but I am more the relaxing kind of girl. I like to stay at home on the weekend, have a nice dinner, watch a movie, read a book, yep, most of the time I am boring :-D but anyway, last weekend the girls and I went out and I wore a pretty rock chic look. Since I got the bangs I sometimes think they make me look on one hand more well-behaved, but on the other hand more badass .. haha. So when it comes to partying I am always a bit nervous since I haven't got that much "party outfits". You know, the glitter stuff, the cool dresses, everything that screams "I am here to drink and dance all night long". So I chose this striped top, with skinny black jeans, comfy wedges and a fake leather blazer. Plus, my beloved conscious collection bag!

have a nice and relaxing wednesday evening guys :-)

Friday, July 12, 2013


TGIF - Actually I never say that, because I am not much a fan of weekends, I just don't look forward to them ... usually. But now as a one-month-working-girl I kind of looked forward to today. So thank god it's friday, so I can relax and spend time in the sun with my girls :-)

I've worn this look last Sunday when I had my sunday talk with my girl Bettina. It was late afternoon and the sun was going down but I really like the atmosphere of the pictures, makes them look warm in between all those trees and the little bridge =) It was indeed a nice sunday talk and walk. I wore this pretty cool fake leather shirt by Zara and some high waist pants and  leopard shoes by H&M. Well, and I don't know if you recognized a little change on the blog - I got bored of the layout, thinking about a new header or something, BUT before doing this, I decided to remove all the widgets, you know, the facebook instagram, bloglovin widgets, I wanted to have a more fresh and simple blog without any stuff on the left or right side. So if someones wants to follow me, I will still keep the menu above, but (for now) no widgets anymore =)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


ASOS PETITE I love love love asos, and I really adore their clothes, but most of all I love their petite collections. I've never seen something like that before, but I just love to look through all their clothes which are made for smaller people. It's such a unique thing to make some garments especially for tiny girls like me; what if you are a size 10 and only 1.60m tall? It definitely wouldn't be easy to find a dress in that size which you don't have to shorten because it's just too long for you. So I am not a size 10 and sadly I am not even 1.60m tall, but I love to shop asos petite garments because I always know that the length will be perfect in my size, yay! 

So this dress is also by asos and I really think that the length which was cut round makes the dress more girly and so cute. Also the color is pretty; I really think this dress combines everything I like. It has this romantic look and with the tiny clutch bag in another cute color and the wedges I could imagine myself going to a wedding or something .. haha :-D at the moment I can't think of anything smart to say, I am just too tired :) 
so enjoy the pictures, and I'll just go straight to bed! 

Monday, July 8, 2013


COLORFUL Okay, we all can say that summer has finally arrived. So here's one of my outfits lately. Since it's hot enough outside I can wear skirts and dresses all the time - like this lovely yellow skirt by Zara! I just love it's bright color and the pleats. It is actually my sister's but we sometimes share our clothes ;-) I combined it with this blue shirt which reminds me a bit of the sea, I really like the combination, those are the perfect colors for going out in summer time! At the moment I am obsessed with my white heels from Promod and this clutch bag; I would love to wear those shoes everyday and take the clutch with me wherever I go, but that doesn't work sadly. 

So today was my first work day at this publisher in Linz, it was kind of funny, but I am not sure if I'll get used to get up at 5.15 in the morning and then go 1.5 hours by train and bus to get there .. luckily it's only for four weeks =) 
what are you guys up to in the next few days or weeks? 
have a nice evening :-) 

Sunday, July 7, 2013


FANCY FIFTIES So this weekend was my birthday party and I like to set my birthday parties under a special theme. Although I turned 20, many guessed that the theme would be "the twenties" but I chose my favorite - the fifties! I don't know why, but I love fashion at that time, I am a bit oldschool I know, but I really like all those high waist skirts, pants, bikinis and swimwear with polka dots or stripes and of course the cool combination of socks together with sporty shoes or ballerinas, haha. I also love the music of that time, I guess it would have been funny for me to live together with Audrey Hepburn. The guys where so polite and everybody had such a neat appearance. Well, I told my lovely friends to join me on my fifties trip, and they did a really good job with their outfit! 

My lovely sisters helped me a lot with the cooking and decorating and stuff since I am not the real housewive when it comes to preparing a dinner or baking a cake (which I at least enjoy doing - since I am not fond of cooking). So here are some impressions of the party, thanks for everybody who came and thanks for all the help to my awesome family :-) 

Friday, July 5, 2013


EASY MOOD Okay, in the last few days I didn't want to wear something special, I wanted to dress simple, casual and easy. And as you can see, I even wore jeans yesterday! Huge thing for me since I am not wearing jeans that much. I guess those pictures speak for themselves, but I've straightened my hair to see how it looks with the bangs, AND because of today's party. It's my birthday party! yay! You're going to hear all about this on Monday here on lackofcolor, or via instagram, so come and follow me (@carmen_wo)!

Also I have to tell you guys, you lovely followers, that I am starting to do an internship at a Publisher's on Monday, and I have to get up veery very early, and come home quite late, so there will be less posts I'm afraid. But I'll do my best to publish articles in the evening, of my work outfits and other stuff! So I am just changing the time when my articles will be published from breakfast time to late dinner time ;-) but in August everything will be the same again :-) so have a nice weekend guys, I am off to preparing my birthday party! (yay, birthday tomorrow!) 

Thursday, July 4, 2013


While every fashionblogger sits in front row at mercedes benz fashion week in Berlin, I sat down, mind you, in second row at the fashionshow of my old high school. YAY, FUN! (this might sound sarcastic, but it's not ;-) ) So I can say, I was pretty excited about this years fashionshow, it's something completely different if you have taken part yourself "some" time ago. For those of you, who don't know the real process, let me break it down for you: the students and teachers brainstorm for a theme, theen, all students design and draw their collections, afterwards every workshop group choses their fav. collection as agreed with their teacher (you know, it has to be possible for them to sew it, concerning their sewing skills) and then the whole school works together, the teachers pick the models out of the presentationteam (everybody can be in this team, as long as you are willing to take up two lessons more each week for preparation and funny catwalk training) many companies offer their cloth for some collections or their shoes, sunglasses, etc. This year there was even a collaboration with the designer La Hong ;-)

Our school is known to have futuristic collections, they always work with   unusual materials such as metal, wood, etc. I have to admit, this time I didn't like that so many collections were pretty revealing. I know that most of the girls can wear clothes like that, but after seeing tons of crop tops or lots of girls in bodies (and I know that we already had that some years ago when I was at school) it gets a bit boring. BUT my highlight was this barock collection, I just love how grandiose their dresses looked, AND the last collection, which was designed by a very good friend of mine, worth to introduce you - Ibo Soliman (I am pretty sure he'll make his way, since there was another collection designed by him as well) anyway,about the last collection, the students worked with black leather and white lace, so we all expected dresses in combination, but there where black leather dresses and the same dresses made out of this gorgeous lace cloth! I was impressed. As you've probably seen on instagram (carmen_wo) I was amused by their superheros collection, there was even catwoman with her whip and I guess it is just my opinion but it was too rude for me :-D all in all it was a nice event, I've seen some familiar faces on the catwalk, had the chance to talk a lot with the teachers and see some old friends again :-) 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


SUMMER HOLIDAYS I am really starting to feel like summer holidays have finally arrived. Even though I am starting to work at a publisher's next Monday I am enjoying the warm days in the sun right now. Just relaxing at the pool, casualing around my old hometown, meeting my friends, etc. What I like most about summer is that it's still warm outside in the evening, like yesterday. So we shot those pictures about 7pm or even later and the weather was still fine. 

Anyway, I am mad about blue; I guess many of you knew that already, in my opinion the best color choice for a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is something blue. I know this is pretty classy, but so do I think about brown-eyed girls with brown hair - they look adorable wearing something green! So yesterday I was wearing the blogger's fav. skort by Zara, with a blue loose shirt by H&M and this cute clutch which reminds me of summer because of the raffia and the mix of all those colors. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


LOOKING BACK AT VIENNA This is the last look we shot in Vienna, crazy huh? Well, I shouldn't be too emotional about this, but moving back home and "giving up" the first apartment I've ever lived in (kind of alone because my roommate wasn't spending time there that much) is a sad story, for me. But anyway, this outfit will remind me of the last days in Vienna I spent with the boy, right after this we went to the theatre and we had a really nice evening. There's so much culture in Vienna I haven't discovered in the last year where I lived there, I should probably come and visit my sister & friends and then check out all those great theatres, museums and stuff. But I guess there will be plenty of culture in Munich as well =)

So, the outfit is pretty black, I don't know why but I was in the mood for black and those cool and kind of "rock chic" shoes by h&m - the new icons collection. I've wanted them for so long but stayed strong, but some weeks ago they were preeeetty much on sale, like ten euros, so I bought them without having a bad conscience =)
(again I got pretty obsessed with a song and named the blog title after it; this time it's Scott Matthews - Ballad Dear )

Monday, July 1, 2013


GOOD TIMES FOR A CHANGE So today tiny lackofcolor blog turns one! This is crazy, because when I started this blog, exactly on the first of july short before midnight I had never thought that I would do that frequently and with so much passion. So I started this blog a year ago and I don't even know why. At that time I've never read any blogs and didn't know how and where to start this, but I came up with the idea to write, like a virtual diary. The first blogposts were not even published, it was just for me. When I moved to Vienna I became more confident in relation to the blog, so I thought, why not trying out to publish something? Then I started to look through other blogs, get to know the whole thing, bought a reflex camera and started to write my articles on a frequent basis, like 4-5 times a week. And now, here we are. 

Whenever I read a review of some bloggers life, they always thank their followers for supporting them and that they met so many incredible people because of their blog, etc. Well, since Lackofcolor is only one year old  (and I started to post frequently in November) I can't say that I've met the most interesting people ever. I've done what I want. I get up, eat my muesli and write my blog article. Yes, I've had the chance to collaborate with this cool german online shop called Marlin, I would have never thought that they contact me just out of the blue, and then I did my very first giveaway with Böde Otze, but that's it. I did the photoshoots with Michael and Isabella, this was a great experience! I guess I really became more confident because of the blog; I applied for every internship that has to do with writing, fashion, styling and stuff, of course mentioning the blog and maybe lackofcolor is the reason why I do so well in the last months. My parents always say I'm living in the fast lane because I got this job at Life Ball, I did some jobs as an extra at a film company, and in the next few weeks the bags I designed for this leather company are going to be produced. Also I am moving to Munich in September, starting an internship at Stylight, this is like I am coming even more close to my dream.
Anyway, a big big thanks to my family, my boyfriend and my friends for supporting me - they always have to take my outfit pictures and attend crazy events with me, haha :-D 
I guess I should also thank my followers, even if I really don't know who you are. Everyday I am looking at the graph at blogger's which shows me my pageviews and I always ask myself who the hell are those people clicking on everyday? :-D But I don't want to complain, I'm glad to have you all =) so thanks for being there, and let's go off into another year :-) 
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