Monday, June 24, 2013


MARLIN SHOP Really the coolest nail lacquer I've ever had - thanks a lot to Marlin! I received this nail lacquer a couple of weeks ago together with the moodmatcher (click here) and couldn't wait to share this lovely little something with you =) ! While the moodmatcher changes it's color on one's lips, the twin color nail lacquer changes it's color on your nails when being outside in the sunlight. The best experience I had, was when I first tried out the twin color polish and I just thought it would be a simple nail polish which shines a little bit, but then I headed to university and while waiting for my tram to come, I noticed that my nails had turned pink! haha I was thrilled!

what I like most, is that inside the nail polish is very simple and easy, but when being outside you got some color. You can get your own twin color nail polish just by checking out Marlin's website - there you'll have a wide range of products! Have fun and enjoy your own mood beauty product! :-) 

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