Friday, June 28, 2013


A NEW COAT I don't know why but in summer time I like to sew even more than in winter time, especially coats. Winter coats, light summer coats, this is way more interesting than a simple dress or skirt. So I made myself a new coat out of this super squared cloth, which I bought together with my mum in Wels. Actually you have to consider the pattern, but to be honest, I was too lazy to look at the pattern when cutting out the pieces, but I like the end result a lot =) Because I haven't yet decided on which fastening I took this great belt by Mango to make a little break into the pattern of the cloth. What do you think?

Because the pattern of the coat is already enough I kept the whole outfit simple - black pants and loafers, white blouse with grey pullover and the pretty blue bag to give everything a touch of color. It's kind of the perfect outfit for this rainy windy weather now - chic but yet comfy. 

shoes - no name
pants - Zara
bag - Primark
blouse + pullover - H&M
coat - selfmade
belt - Mango


  1. Süsser sweater! :)
    Ich mag Sachen mit kleinen hübschen Details!

  2. :-) ja der ist wirklich super lieb!


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