Tuesday, June 18, 2013


PRAGUE #1 First of all, sorry for skipping the Monday post, I really wanted to publish this article yesterday evening, but there was just no time for anything since we arrived in Vienna in the afternoon and I had university and stuff to do so there was just no time. But here they are, the first outfit pictures we took in the wonderful city, Prague. I was there for the first time and it was an incredible nice weekend. A bit of sightseeing, delicious good food and long walks in the sun. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed this time out. 

We took those pictures on Saturday, where I was wearing a long white skirt with a simple blue tanktop and metallic sandals. This was really the perfect look since it wasn't too hot on that day and with the flat shoes it was comfortable to walk around the city. I always thought that people my height couldn't "look good" in a long skirt, as if it would make them appear much smaller but I was craving for a long skirt for a long long time. I always dreamt of wearing long dresses and long skirts, since they just look so chic and gorgeous, so I didn't care about being small and not wearing long garments and bought this H&M skirt two weeks ago. It was a very good decision, I am in love with it by now and thinking about getting more long garments even though I am a small person :-) what do you think about small people wearing long garments?

shoes - Forever21
skirt, top, jeans jacket - H&M
belt - Mango
bag - Primark
sunglasses - Rayban Wayfarer

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