Wednesday, June 19, 2013


PRAGUE #2 I wore this lovely embroidered jumpsuit by Asos on Sunday in Prague. The weather was truly a blessing and I really think that this jumpsuit was the perfect choice to wear for discovering the city. Of course combined with flat shoes, even though I like heels a lot, for touring around the city its way more comfortable to wear flat shoes. I wish I could pop back into this picture, it was such a nice day and after that we had the most delicious dinner ever - aargh miss it already since it was such a relaxing weekend.. but well, see you soon Prague :-)

At the moment everything's kind of busy, got some exams next week and I really can't wait for the summer holidays to begin. The last weeks have been pretty stressful - I am sooo looking forward to relaxing, like a lot! I guess many of you are also having exams, are stressed and maybe don't have enough motivation anymore, I am wishing you all good luck and I'll totally cross my fingers for you all to pass your exams and do whatever you want to :-) At the moment I am starting to think about all this university thing, my upcoming internship in Autumn (I am so excited!) and secretly making plans for the future .. for me, summer time is always the time to reflect the past year and think about what I want to change and what I want to achieve. I guess I should just start and stop dreaming about it.


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