Thursday, June 6, 2013


SUNDAY TALK Actually, yesterday was Wednesday but for me it did feel like Sunday. On Sunday I always go for a walk with friends or we meet up at a cafe to chat. Talking about the whole week, looking back at what has happened. So yesterday I had my Sunday talk in the city of Vienna (yep I am back) and the weather wasn't that sunny and good. That's why I decided to go  with my lovely green leather jacket. I must admit that I am wearing it rarely at the moment, but that's okay since I wore it all the time after I got it, I guess it must have been at the age of 16. I'll probably keep this leather jacket until I die :-) 

My outfit was simple, but I had to take a thick scarf since I am feeling a bit sick. I just hate being sick in summer but apparently it happens to me pretty often. Anyway, after having coffee and stuff me and my friend walked through the city of lovely Vienna and came by this guy (see the last pictures) who blew soap bubbles, reeeally reeeeaally big ones. It was magical! The kids were playing around and I, for sure, wanted to try it out as well. No sooner said than done.

shoes - Ullmann Fashion
pants - Zara
shirt - Zara
leather jacket - Zara (a very old one)
bag - my friend's one - Vintage


  1. Love the bag sweetie! I hope to see u soon on my blog :) Kissessss


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