Thursday, June 20, 2013


FUN DAY, YAY Okay, it's official .. whenever there's a crazy sale in Vienna, my girl Doris and I are there. Yesterday we went to the Vienna costume house because they sold all their stuff, really, everything! The sale started last week on Monday, but there was such a rush of people, that we decided to go there when it's more calm. So yesterday, there where not many people, I guess because of the incredible hot weather no one wanted to search through tons of garments, accessories and shoes - except us!

For us it was more like a dressing party, like playing the bride in a huge dress full of lace and stuff (there was even a girl who bought her weddingdress there) or being covered in rosé colored garments all over! Haha, it was really lots of fun :-) For you guys from Austria, especially Vienna, the costume house closes it's doors at the end of July, so there is still enough time for you to go by and check out the things - as well as there will be enough clothes - I promise! But now, enjoy our fun day pictures and tell me which outfit you like the most (for me it's the last picture) and which you think is the worst! :-)

I love this picture - Doris could be the total bride in this dress 

my favorite outfit on Doris - this 50s dress with the little jacket - it suits her perfectly and I like this minimalistic look!

unfortunately this dress was a bit too big but it might have looked pretty, I like the  tulle skirt underneath, makes it more steady 

in this picture I remember myself on 27 dresses with Katherine Heigel, there was one dress which had a similar skirt part - this dress here is just overwhelming because of the incredible sleeves and there are really, too many ruches

those boots were MASSIVE. Size 41 and they went up until my waist, seriously it looks like the shoes and my skirt belong together 

this was actually a rosé colored skirt, a top and a jacket, for me it's definitely too much but I like the cut of the jacket - imagining this jacket in another color without the lace you'll get a nice bomber jacket I'd say
this was actually a nice lace skirt but the top  .. well it wasn't my taste of fashion :-)

I must admit, when Doris gave me this futuristic skirt I didn't want to try it on, but now when I see the picture I really like the indentations on the right and left side, makes it look so unique ; plus my shirt and shoes match really good with the skirt :-)

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