Wednesday, June 12, 2013


GRANDMAS PURSE and some news You'll probably see me in this position a lot in summer, since I am staying at my parents house over the summer months and definitely love our garden and swimming pool area :-) So I guess we'll shoot more outfits there, since it's my favorite place at home. Last weekend was pretty warm and it really felt like summer is finally here, so I took out this lovely coral colored dress, combined it simple with my coral shoes and a lovely little purse by my grandma. I totally fell in love with it when I saw it for the first time. This little thing adds glamour to every outfit. Imagine this purse with a black dress - I guess you all know what I mean :-)

Anyway, at the moment I am kind of stressed; First thing to tell you, I did get an internship at Stylight in Munich, SO excited to work there for six whole months :-) :-) but at the moment there's a lot of college stuff, I am again sewing a coat for myself (hope to finish it by tomorrow), then we have to move out of our apartment in lovely Vienna - I have to find another one in Munich until September (if anyone of you lovely readers of tiny lackofcolor blog is from Munich - please let me know ;) ) BUT this weekend the boy and I will be relaxing in Prague and I am so looking forward to this. I've never been there before and I really feel that I need some rest - maybe because I am still a bit sick so this weekend might be the perfect opportunity!

sunglasses by Mango, purse by my grandma, shoes by Monzero
nail lacquer - ciaté , lipstick - creme d'nude by MAC
dress - Mango
shoes - Monzero
sunglasses - Mango
purse - used to be my grandmas


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