Thursday, June 13, 2013


SIMPLE OUTFIT Last Friday, when I was at home in Upper Austria I went to the lovely danceevent by "das tanzforum" (the dance forum - click here to see the facebook page). It's kind of a tradition to go there every June and see their final performance. I am always excited because no matter how old the kids are, they are a world of good - this time I was again overwhelmed by the skills they have gained in the last year! 
Since the weather was so nice and it was a casual event I decided to wear my simple boucl√© dress, green flat shoes, clutch bag and my mint colored coat. I must admit that I might look a bit oldschool but I like that anyway. 

I really love the weather right now, although I am still not 100% top fit, I have to wear dresses and skirts all the time! In summer I am a total dress/skirt girl, I am not much into shorts, apart from doing sports, where it's better to wear shorts, but hey, I also got a "running skirt" ;-) Anyway, at the moment everythings just fine =)

shoes - Ullmann Fashion
dress - Mango
coat - Primark
clutch bag - H&M

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