Tuesday, June 11, 2013


WEEKEND On Sunday I pursued my second interest - beauty stuff! It was beauty flea market in Vienna at the "Badeschiff"  - some place you can go swimming. I've been looking forward to this event for many weeks now, and although we went there pretty late we did see some great stuff. Actually, I bought two lipsticks, but didn't take a picture of them yet, so you'll see them in some goodies post or something :-) It was a very nice event, I have never seen so many nail laquers on one place I guess. There was every brand, from chanel to essence and I did see some great colors but stopped myself cause I always use the same ones so why buy anything if you don't use it that much?

Anyway, Sunday was a very relaxing and nice day, the weather was so good, I was happy to finally wear a dress and comfy wedges, we even had some frozen yogurt - everything was just perfect :-) My girl doris and I walked around Vienna after the flea market, you know, my Sunday talk! And of course we took pictures of my outfit. I wore a nice jeans dress by Stefanel put together with a tiny belt. 

shoes - Monzero
dress - Stefanel
belt - H&M
bag - no name


  1. Your dress is great! I love denim in any way and a dress in denim is something new!

    Love, SAMOROUS

  2. Thanks saskia, I must admit that at first I wasn't sure about this dress but now I'm in love with it :-)

  3. Ich finde das Kleid toll, die Tasche aber auch! :) Hach, 50 Cent pro Nagellack?! Ich wollte auch so gerne hin, aber war ja Vatertag und daher hatte ich keine Zeit.

  4. Liebe Ela, da gab es wirklich tausend Lacke um rund 50 Cent - aber es kommt im Herbst bestimmt wieder ein Beautyflohmarkt :-)

  5. Oh das ist ja super, danke für die Info! Hoffentlich schaffe ich es dann im Herbst vorbei zu schauen. :)


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