Tuesday, June 25, 2013


THE RAIN Well, on the weekend I wore this little dress with a jeans jacket, but now it's pretty cold and I can't really believe that last week we had 27 degrees at eight in the morning when I published my blogposts. This is crazy and although it was almost too hot for me in the city of lovely Vienna, I am now feeling mad about myself complaining that it was too hot.  It's again trenchcoat season, for the third time this year and I am not really happy about this rainy windy 10 - 15 degrees weather. I'll just hope that summer comes back immediately. 

So my weekend outfit - I was at my parents house, you see, I'm moving back in there for the next two months so I had to prepare and get some stuff (mostly garments and books) in my old room, and yes, this feels a little bit weird. But when I put some shirts and pants into my wardrobe I found this little girly girl dress which I received as a gift from my godmother two years ago. And I really think that this dress is the cutest. So I combined it with a jeans jacket - this time I wore a dark one and I really like this combination  -and my favorite shoes at the moment, the cute ones with the stitch on. Tiny bag because you don't need to take much with you when going to a café with your parents. Perfect summer look I'd say :-) 

shoes - Monzero
dress - a gift
jeans jacket - Pepe jeans
bag - no name


  1. das kleid ist ja total süß und steht dir sehr gut! besonders bild nr. 3 ist echt toll!! xo j.



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